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CheckUps has been an invaluable tool for us. It’s free to the county and only has a low cost to probationers.

It’s an all-around huge cost-saving tool for us.

With CheckUps, probationers can check-in from home or work, allowing them to continue with their life while also fulfilling their obligations to the court. It makes it easier for them while we accomplish our department’s goal at the same time.

It’s difficult for some of our defendants to check-in with us because they live far away or can’t take time away from their jobs. But with CheckUps, they don’t have to! They can continue to work and provide for their families by checking in with just a selfie and a text message.

CheckUps can be used as a curfew check system, which is huge with judges who want to make sure probationers are at home by a certain hour.

CheckUps in Medina County

Medina County and CheckUps began working together in 2018 when the County identified the need for a better and more cost-effective way to actively monitor low-risk probationers.

    Since using CheckUps Medina County has:

  • Reduced the overall cost per check-in
  • Aided probationers in rural areas through remote onboarding and check-ins
  • Reduced an average of 60 working hours per month for their supervising officers.

CheckUps has been an invaluable tool for us. It’s helped reduce expenses for the county and has allowed low-risk probationers to successfully integrate back into society,” says Darcy Hasty, Director, Medina County Indigent Defense and Pretrial Services.

Today, CheckUps continues to work with Medina County’s leaders to enhance their community supervision programs.

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