SolutionsCheckUps tracks and monitors the locations of individuals under community supervision through a cloud-based application installed on any smartphone device.

CheckUps - App Users

App Users

Can check-in in real-time by sending a “selfie” from any location via our GPS tracking system, saving on travel costs and minimizing disruption to their work and home life.

CheckUps - App Users

Web supervising officers

Can access all contacts´ data with one click on our user-friendly desktop platform freeing valuable time that can be assigned to other value-generating activities.

CheckUps - App Users

Businesses and Community Supervision Departments

Can integrate current supervision programs, increasing efficiency and reducing overall costs, while maintaining a high level of supervision.

CheckUps - Laptop

Client Management Services

CheckUps allows supervising officers to easily monitor and track individuals under supervision, reducing check-in times and freeing time to focus on the supervision of high-risk individuals.


CheckUps features GPS tracking, photographic verification, and electronic signatures in an easy-to-use mobile phone app.

Using the simple and efficient power of “selfies”, CheckUps can identify individuals under supervision using facial recognition and monitors their whereabouts at any time, without face-to-face meetings.


Ensure peace of mind for supervising officers with CheckUps, by making sure that individuals under supervision are checking in when and where they are supposed to. Color-coded appointments and check-in times provide a user-friendly, efficient way to keep track of probationers.


CheckUps is a user-friendly system for both supervising officers and those under their supervision. With a simple click or tap, you can quickly access detailed information and chat capabilities from your phone, with an emphasis on upcoming check-ins or meeting dates to aid those under supervision in being their most successful.


With CheckUps, check-ins are always accurate, using photographic verification, GPS tracking, and electronic signatures. Photographs can be verified or denied, and probationers will be immediately notified of your decision regarding their request. Reliable check-in reports can also be easily exported and kept on file.

Customer Services

We strive to provide the very best customer service because we understand the importance of keeping individuals and your community or business safe and supervised. Your success and satisfaction with CheckUps are our ultimate priorities. This is why CheckUps representatives are on hand to assist you via our customer service line: 1-800-494-7675.

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