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Checkups, is a San Antonio based company that tracks and monitors the locations of individuals under community supervision through a cloud-based application installed on any mobile device. Our intuitive app and dashboard allow civil servants in the criminal justice system to easily manage data, track locations and view compliance of those under community supervision – all in real time.


Our program can be adapted to support not only those in criminal justice system, but a variety of business organizations with various client tracking needs. Our mission is to provide private and public organizations with cost-efficient, secure, and simple tracking software. We strive to offer the most effective technology to counties and those under community supervision to save both time and money.


Checkups strives to provide a simple and secure monitoring system for both civil servants, like parole officers, and members of the public under community supervision. Our innovative solution saves time, money and stress for all parties.

The Checkups app dramatically decreases the overburdensome workload for civil servants in the criminal justice system by removing the need for face-to-face meetings. This liberates approximately 70 percent of a civil servant’s time, allowing them to focus on supervising the highest risk individuals as well as ensuring a more effective reinsertion of other individuals back into the community.

Our Services

Client Management

Checkups allows civil servants within the criminal justice system to easily monitor and track individuals under community supervision, saving time and leaving more room to focus on supervision of higher risk individuals.


Checkups leverages GPS tracking, photographic verification and electronic signatures from an easy-to-use mobile phone app.

Using the simple and efficient power of “selfies” and GPS tracking, Checkups can identify each person under community supervision and their whereabouts, without face-to-face meetings.

Customer Service

We strive to provide the very best customer service because we understand the importance of our services in keeping individuals and the community safe. Your success and satisfaction with Checkups is our key performance indicator. Checkups representatives are on hand to assist you at 1-800-494-7675


With Checkups, civil servants in the criminal justice system can have peace of mind that the individuals they are supervising are checking-in when and where they are supposed to. Colored coded court and check-in dates provide an easy and efficient way to keep track of those under supervision.


Checkups is a user-friendly system for both civil servants and individuals under community supervision. With a simple click or tap, you can quickly access detailed information and chat capabilities from your phone, with an emphasis on upcoming court dates to help those under supervision be most successful.


With Checkups, check-ins are always accurate with photographic verification, GPS tracking and electronic signatures. Photographs can be verified or denied, and your supervisee will be immediately notified of your decision. Reliable check-in reports can be easily exported to be kept in your files.

How it works

Supervisors (such as a Parole Officers): Supervisors will add their portfolio of supervisees to the Checkups system. Once added, supervisees can check in through their phones by sending a photo, their GPS location, and electronic signature. Supervisors can verify or deny photos, store GPS locations, and set report schedules.

Supervisees: Supervisees will download the Checkups app to their iPhone or Android device. They can then, with the click of a button, send their photo, GPS location and electronic signature to their supervisor. The app will remind supervisees of check-in times, as well as important appointments and court dates.

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